There is no secret. It just takes work.

There is no secret to anything. It just takes work.

I heard that while listening to podcasts today at work. I don’t remember which one or the person that said it but it stuck with me.

There is no secret.

It’s easy to forget this when your news feed is filled with people talking about, looking for, or pretending to the have the secret to success. Successful business, successful weight loss, successful work life balance… whatever it is that you’re after, someone knows how to do it quickly.

It just takes work.

If I spent a fraction of the time and energy I use to learn about what I want to do to actually implementing the things I “learn”, I have no doubt that I would be closer to accomplishing my goals.

If instead of “kind of” committing to the next fad, I had FULLY committed to just one or two definitive activities that would get me closer to my goals… I would be MUCH closer to my goals.

I don’t think this is about perfection. It’s not about just getting everything right all the time, so it all goes exactly how you want it. It’s about just doing what you can. Work at it one task and a time until you get there.

What else is there to do?

For me, it’s not an option to just decide something is too out of reach to try… to just decide I’m done learning and growing and evolving. It doesn’t feel right.

Perhaps this is the sign of an eternal optimist. Perhaps it’s just ambition or restlessness.

I think it’s different for everyone. I believe wholeheartedly that I can accomplish my goals. That I can strike the right balance between life and work, health and wellness, and live exactly the life I choose.

But it takes ACTION to make the choice in the first place. Inaction is a choice… it’s choosing to do nothing… to let the hours pass without doing one thing to get you closer.

I have decided to place priority on balance between relationships, work/finances, and spiritual and physical health. I’m going to take some of the time I use to “learn” what I need to do to actually implement some of the things I already know. Instead of the quest to gather the most amount of knowledge in the shortest amount of time, I’m just going to start where I am. Do it with what I know now and build along the way.

If my goal is happiness, I will not let a single day pass where I don’t do at least one thing to take me in the direction of happiness. Whether it’s spending the evening reading my favorite book, paying the bills, or coffee with my bestie, I will do it with more intention. Each small thing contributing to the greater picture in some way or another.

There is no quick fix to get where I’m going. I’m going for life long happiness. I’m going for JOY in every day and fulfillment where my time is spent. That doesn’t come with out work.

I don’t think the work has to be hard or exhausting. It doesn’t have to wear you down to your wits’ end and make you wish every step of the way that it was over (If it does, I challenge you to re-examine what your goals really are). I think if you’re clear on how you want to feel, doing the work to get there just feels good. Not because it is easy but because it’s right.

Perhaps that’s a bit “woo woo” for you but I encourage you think about how it applies to something that does resonate with you. Do you want to get out of debt? Do you want to buy a house? Improve your relationship with your family? Get an education?

What can you do today that will get you closer? Pick something you can start on, even if you don’t know how to finish the task.

If you want to be a professional fisherman, maybe today you learn about tying flies or read about the lakes in your area. Perhaps you start collecting bottles and selling things on online to save the money to buy a boat. Small things.

I have been learning about doing the things I want to do for more than 10 years. I am ready to become more action based with my focus. I’m ready to do something (no matter how small) everyday to get there. So whether I’m taking a walk, working on the monthly budget, or taking Sunday afternoon to read a book, it will all be with intention.

I don’t know if this approach will work but it sure feels freeing to think of things this way… So I’m going to give a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What do you think? How does this make you feel about your own approach to accomplishing your goals?

2 thoughts on “There is no secret. It just takes work.

  1. Being happy is a big, amorphous goal. Doing 20 push ups or writing a novel are specific goals. The question is whether accomplishing any particular goal will bring you happiness.

    1. Good point Audrey. I completely agree. I think it’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the specific goals and forget about the larger goal of happiness. Often to get out if it we look for the easy fix and it becomes a spiral that pulls further away from the larger goal. This is something I try to watch out for.

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