Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Job? Maybe Your Resume is Holding You Back!

Have you ever found yourself scrolling your news feed and skimming through the posts that are too long? Or skipping them all together? I’ve questioned my own habits around this…

At what point did reading 300 words become too long? How did I become so impatient?

Social media has completely changed the way employers approach perspective employees. They do Google searches, scope your Facebook page, and search for any red flags that make them question whether to hire you.

They also want to see everything they need to know about you at a glance.

We’ve all been told that your resume needs to be succinct. That you need to show your most important information first and in point form.

But is that really enough to just make a few point form lists and put your name at the top of the page?

My current day job requires me to interview and vet perspective employees, summarize and make recommendations to management about who we should hire. I see hundreds of resumes a year…

…and they all look the same.

A cover letter with a few general paragraphs where you can see they copy and pasted the company name. I don’t even read the cover letters that are longer than a page.

A resume with bullet points running down the page showing work history dating back 25 years. Pages of run-on sentences using words like “organized”, “reliable”, “detail oriented”.


Here’s my process for looking st resumes…

I look for the education section first. No education? Ok…

What’s the experience? None? Ok.

I move on the next resume without reading it any further.

It isn’t until I decide that they have potential that I actually read the whole resume.

Let that sink in…

I don’t have time to read every wordy 5 page resume that crosses my desk or lands in my inbox and I KNOW I’m not the only employer who does this.

Also… no one wants to read a wordy 5 page resume, not even you and IT’S YOUR RESUME!

Our brains are constantly being bombarded with messages. Advertising, radio, podcasts, TV, social media… all of it broken down to get your attention in 10 seconds or less… because they KNOW you won’t keep reading or listening or watching if they don’t hook you.

Your resume should be the same way!

Give them enough information in a format that’s pleasing to the eye without including so much that they skim through without reading it.

Don’t give them every detail, just the most important parts of your education and experience that shows the employer that you are someone they must talk to.

It has become more important than ever to have a well formatted resume that is unique to you. It should stick out in such a way that they can’t help but put it at the top of the pile.

The days of long bullet point lists in black and white are gone!

You want professional language.

You want clean and uniquely formatted.

You want your own header and logo.

These are the things that will get you through the toughest part of a job search… getting face to face with the employer.

Once there, you can represent all the details of yourself with confidence! No one can sell you better than you!

You are qualified, ambitious, driven, and practice impeccable work ethic. There is no better way to show this than with a flawlessly articulated resume and cover letter.

If you are interested in updating your resume contact me!

Call me nerdy (you wouldn’t be the first) but I LOVE doing them! Few things make me feel more satisfied than helping someone create a resume they can use with confidence.

You should be proud of the resume you use!

Check out my SHOP page for more details and let me help you land the career you want most!

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