About Me

What do you do when you’ve finished university, landed the job you worked so hard for, and still find yourself wanting?

You spend high school, college, and university focused on one goal; succeed and start the career you’ve dreamed of! No one talks about what you’re supposed to do when the grind is over. After binge watching endless TV shows and spending hours on social media, you’re left feeling more unsatisfied than ever!

Choosing Chelsea is a blog for those of us looking for ways to expand our horizons! On paper, life is on track and moving “in the right direction” but after the 9-5, something is still missing.

I’m Chelsea – a forester in British Columbia turned blogger, gardener, and creative writer. I spend my days outdoors running through the forest with my dog. As I find myself pondering big life changes, it’s clear that the time has come for shifting focus. In the pursuit of fulfillment outside of my career, I take on all things personal development, creative expression, and health and wellness. This is the space where I share the things I learn, the things that bring me joy, and the ways I grow through this process. I hope to build a tribe of fellow fulfillment seekers along the way.

Let’s learn together, grow together, and think outside the box together!

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